OnStage: Strengthening the dialog between industry and research sector. An Innovation co-creation laboratory. 07.05.2021 at 14:00-15:00 (EEST)/13:00-14:00 (CET)

Welcome to our next OnStage event by Vidzeme Planning Region and Institute for Environmental Solutions

Strengthening the dialog between industry and research sector. An Innovation co-creation laboratory. 07.05.2021 at 14:00 - 15:00 (EEST)/13:00-14:00 (CET)

In order to gradually eliminate the poor cooperation between entrepreneurs and researchers, the Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) in cooperation with Riga Technical University’s Design Factory implemented an experimental event in 2020: The Innovation Co-Creation Laboratory. It sought solutions for the development of sustainable food packaging Meanwhile organizers collected feedback from participants about technicalities and content of the co-creation processes to prepare the Guidelines for Organising an Innovation Co-Creation Laboratory Online for Public Sector Organisations with Engagement of Researchers and Entrepreneurs.

The concept of “innovation co-creation” can increasingly be found in documents of various levels, such as policy frameworks, project calls and action plans developed within international projects. In Latvia and the whole Baltic Sea Region, however, we are just beginning to get to know it. At present, there are no described prerequisites, methods or practical advice on how co-creation should be organised by public sector organisations, which have a mediating role in promoting industrial and scientific cooperation.

Join the On-Stage event to find out more about the concept of “co-creation”, lessons learned from the first co-creation laboratory organized in Vidzeme Region, (while the covid-19 restrictions were still on place!) methods and tools used, engagement of researchers and entrepreneurs, feedback collection, preparation for the work in online environment etc. practical insights**!**

Agenda: (EEST)

14:00 Welcome to the “Hubs on Stage” event; Kristaps Ročāns @kristaps.rocans , Vidzeme Planning Region

14:05 Innovation co-creation laboratory as a tool for strengthening the dialog between research and industry.

Experience story from the Vidzeme Region and introduction to the co-creation guidelines*.***


  • Santa Vītola @santa , Vidzeme Planning Region, Idea generator and Organizer of the Co-creation
  • Inese-Suija-Markova @Inese , Institute for Environmental solutions, Moderator and Author of the co-creation the guidelines

14:35 Open discussion, Q&A

14:55 Conclusions and closing the Stage


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Are the agenda times in CET? Even then they do not match the event time.

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Good notice, I assume agenda time was meant EET and there was a translation error. It is fixed now. :slight_smile: Does it look correct now @kristaps.rocans ?

Yes :slight_smile:

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Hi @kristaps.rocans and @riikkakumpulainen
I just became aware that there is still a discrepancy between the heading of the invite and the agenda. Is the agenda or the heading correct?

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Yes, you are right! One more CET -name was still there (which was suppose to be EEST) :slight_smile:

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Dear @ConnectedByBiobord @Biotalouskampus_staff welcome to our next OnStage webinar this Friday (7th) at 13-14 CET :slight_smile:

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Warmly welcome today to follow our OnStage event, hosted by our Latvian partners! :star_struck:

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Please find here the recording of the event:

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Guidelines for Organising an Innovation Co-Creation Laboratory Online: