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Open Biobord Forum

Open Biobord Forum is a networking, matchmaking and teambuilding area for bioeconomy developers to find new opportunities, expertise and partners.

Biobord On Stage

’Biobord on Stage’ provides you information about the online events of Biobord Network. The events are announced in this discussion area. Events are hosted by our network partners and they are open for anyone to join.

Biotalouskampus, Tarvaala

Biotalouskampuksen foorumi on biotalousalan osaamisen ja liiketoiminnan kehittämisen paikka, jossa alan yrittäjät, investoijat, tutkijat, kehittäjät ja opiskelijat kohtaavat.

Bioeconomy Knowledge and Development Centre

The aim of creating this Polish category is to showcase all important informations about Bioeconomy Knowledge and Development Centre (Centre) as it’s a biohub that comes from Świetokrzyskie Voivodeship.

Biotalouden yrityskiihdyttämö BioPaavo

BioPaavo on biotalouden yrityskiihdyttämö, jonka toimipiste sijaitsee pohjoisessa Keski-Suomessa Saarijärvellä. Yrityskiihdyttämön tavoitteena on vahvistaa, löytää, ja myös synnyttää uutta liiketoimintaa, joka liittyy biotalouden toimintaympäristöön: metsään, maatalouteen, uusiutuvaan energiaan, veteen ja ympäristöön.

Gospodarka obiegu zamkniętego - Nawozy z odpadów

This category is for Circular Economy - Waste fertilizers. contact person: @tadeusz

INN Centre of Bioeconomy Forum

INN Center of Bioeconomy is a forum for knowledge development in bioeconomy, where researchers, resource managers, entrepreneurs, business developers and students meet. The forum is primarily for knowledge dissemination, co-working and communication related to projects in the portfolio of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Latvian Food Bioeconomy Cluster

LATVIAN FOOD BIOECONOMY CLUSTER is a cluster organization based in the Vidzeme region, Latvia. The vision of the cluster is to become a key food bioeconomy innovation hub in Latvia. The objectives of the cluster are to promote the sustainable production, processing, and consumption of healthy, high-quality, and safe food, to develop knowledge-based food bioeconomy innovations and To promote scientific and industrial cooperation both between the cluster members and international cooperation partners.

Let's talk about sheep business

This group is intended to serve as an international discussion and peer support group for sheep farmers. .The group has two sections: open group and closed group. Contact person: @marianne

Pohjoinen Pooli

Pohjoinen Pooli is an informal group of business developers in Northern Central Finland. The aim of the group is to strengthen the communication between projects and development organizations and intensify actors’ cooperation in the region. Groups actions take place in a closed sub-category. Please contact @tiina or request joining from group settings.

ScanBalt Bioeconomy Group

Welcome to the open discussion group of Scan Balt’s Bioeconomy Working Group!