Category Topics

Open Bar

‘Open Bar’ is a networking, matchmaking and teambuilding area for the Biobord Network to find new opportunities, expertise and partners. All interested registered users are invited to join the discussion.

On Stage

’On Stage’ provides you information about the online events of Biobord Network. On Stage presents cases from the biobusiness companies. The events are announced in this discussion area. After the event, the materials are shared and discussion on outcomes may continue under the event topic.

Biobord Network Actions

‘Biobord Network Actions’ is a discussion and working space to plan joint actions, share joint actions’ results and achievements, as well as to exchange knowledge, information and expertise helping involved stakeholders to improve and to develop instruments and methods applied for boosting the bioeconomy in their regions.


Biotalouskampuksen foorumi on biotalousalan osaamisen ja liiketoiminnan kehittämisen paikka, jossa alan yrittäjät, investoijat, tutkijat, kehittäjät ja opiskelijat kohtaavat.

INN Centre of Bioeconomy Forum

INN Center of Bioeconomy is a forum for knowledge development in bioeconomy, where researchers, resource managers, entrepreneurs, business developers and students meet. The forum is primarily for knowledge dissemination, co-working and communication related to projects in the portfolio of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.