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Open Biobord Forum

Open Biobord Forum is a networking, matchmaking and teambuilding area for bioeconomy developers to find new opportunities, expertise and partners.

Biobord On Stage

’Biobord on Stage’ provides you information about the online events of Biobord Network. The events are announced in this discussion area. Events are hosted by our network partners and they are open for anyone to join.

ScanBalt Bioeconomy Group

Welcome to the open discussion group of Scan Balt’s Bioeconomy Working Group! Whereas ScanBalt is already well known for its high emphasis on cross-sectoral and transnational projects for Innovation in Health and in Life Sciences, the growing field of bioeconomy has yet an enormous potential to grow. Regarding the huge efforts recently made by nearly all Baltic Sea states to set up national bioeconomy strategies, ScanBalt aims to help to transfer political goals to practical action.

JAMK Bioeconomy

Welcome to the JAMK Bioeconomy -category!