Welcome to the follow-up webinar of Food Hack by Biobord 28.04.2021

Welcome to continue the Food Hack by Biobord journey with us, in the follow-up workshop 28.04.2021 at 09:00 - 11:30 (EET)/08:00-10:30 (CET).

In the follow-up event the winning team of the Food Hack By Biobord, will continue their co-working and innovation, with the help of new expert coaches.

Please find here a summary of the main event Food Hack by Biobord: From marketing strategies to eating insects – Food Hack by Biobord brings innovative ideas to life

For the public audience, we are offering an interesting webinar of alternative proteins and functional foods, presented by industry experts and businesses. Register here for the free webinar (before 25.04.2021):

Open program 28.04.2021:
please note program is in Eastern European time (EET)

AT 09:00 Welcome to the follow-up webinar of Food Hack by Biobord

AT 09:15 Meet the winning team of Food Hack by Biobord

AT 10:05 Break

AT 10:15 Keynote: Sirli Rosenvald, PhD - Head of Product Development and Sensorics Department from Estonian Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies - Organization Passionate About Biotechnology and Food Research.

AT 10:35 Case presentation: HIID - Superpower of nettle on your plate! By Margit Pruul, Founder of HIID.

AT 10:55 Case presentation: HOFU - Pure plant-based protein from pure Finnish Fava beans - a product that replaces traditional soy-based Tofu, by the co-founder Christos Granqvist

AT 11:30 The open program of the event ends, thank you!

Event is organized by Interreg BSR and EUSBSR -project ConnectedByBiobord.

Comments and questions related to the event, are welcome below.

Warmly welcome! :hugs:

Dear @ConnectedByBiobord, @RDI2CluB and @Biotalouskampus_staff great events coming up in late April and May. Make sure to register and save the date!


Please meet the winning team of Food Hack by Biobord that is continuing their innovation and co-creation journey in this event :point_right:

Aloja Starkelsen




NEW! Winning team also had a possibility to extend their transnational team, and a new Swedish company was involved: Simply Grains

Unfortunately Swedish Fagraslätt was not able to continue the process :frowning:


Interesting keynotes coming! :muscle:

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The follow-up webinar of Food Hack by Biobord will take place tomorrow 28.04.2021! :star_struck:

Event includes excellent keynotes of alternative proteins and functional food, presented by the business representatives of the Baltic Sea region. We will also hear greetings from the winning team of the main event Food Hack.

Be prepared to be inspired! :raised_hands:

After the open part, the winning team will continue their journey with support of expert consultations. Our consults are:

Stay tuned to follow the innovation journey of the ConnectedByBiobord-project!