We are looking for partners and retailers for woodchip and pellet blowers


Our company is Lämpösi Oy in Jyväskylä Central Finland. Our innovation is a woodchip and pellet blower and a logistic system for small heating plants.

We are looking for companies and organizations which are interested in utilizing the new woodchip delivery system. We are also looking for retailers in marketing and selling woodchip and pellet blowers for energy and green area construction segments.

In case you are interested in this subject, please contact us: markku.miettinen@lamposi.fi.

Please see the video presenting our company and innovation. The video is filmed and edited in RDI2CluB project to find new partners for SMEs via Biobord network.


Dear @RDI2CluB @Biotalouskampus_staff , please explore @markku_miettinen 's innovation. If you have an idea of someone who would be interested in woodchip and pellet blowers, please let Markku know. :star_struck:

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And feel free to share the video in your channels @RDI2CluB team :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I have shared the video With multiple Norwegian providers. The preliminary answer is: We try to avoid this kind of solutions due to low ROI in the bioenergy value Chain. I will let you know if we get a more prositive answer later on.