On Stage – Latvian Food Bioeconomy cluster 12.11.2019

Hubs on Stage – Latvian Food Bioeconomy cluster

The Latvian @RDI2CluB team welcome you to the ‘Hubs on Stage’ event by providing insights to four currently very topical challenges regarding bio-businesses and bioeconomy monitoring.

:jigsaw: Over the last twenty years, EU policy makers have prioritized the expansion of bio-based value chains through various EU policy initiatives and research programmes. As a consequence, to the growing popularity of the bioeconomy in Europe, its information and statistics are lagging behind in various ways . Join our event to hear out how this challenge is faced with BioMonitor project and will be supported by BIOEASTsUP project.

:deciduous_tree: The economic viability of using biomass for energy and environmental questions , related to e.g. biodiversity and soil fertility, need to be considered . Join our event to learn from the project BalticBiomass4Value team member on what they suggest being changed!

:earth_africa: Green movement and the demand for natural, healthy, and ecological products and services offer opportunities for green micro entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs need sector-specific business skills to develop local natural resources into sustainable green business. Join our event to learn on how project NatureBIZZ supports the growth and competitiveness of green micro businesses.

Host : Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia)

Time : Tuesday, 12.11.2019 at 15:00 EE/FI/LV time

Venue :

On Stage :

Interreg Central Baltic Programme project “Business and Wellness from Green Economy Growth (NatureBIZZ)”

The aim of the project is to support the growth and competitiveness of green entrepreneurship by aligning and improving relevant skills. The project is targeted mainly to micro entrepreneurs that exploit local natural resources in their business activities when producing sustainable, small-scale products and services that contribute to human wellbeing. The project provides the means to modernise professional training and redirect skills helping to adapt to changing business environment.

Horizon 2020 project “Monitoring the Bioeconomy (BioMonitor)”

BioMonitor addresses the information gap in bioeconomy research by re-structuring its existing data and modelling framework. The ultimate goal of the project is to get a clearer picture of how bioeconomy affects our lives.

Horizon 2020 project “Advancing Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy in Central and Eastern European countries (BIOEASTsUP)"

The overall project objectives are 1) to trigger strategic thinking at governmental level and transnational peer-to-peer development of national circular bioeconomy strategies in BIOEAST countries, 2) to emphasise the role of a multi-actor approach in developing new value chains to advance multiple bioeconomies, 3) to develop, in a multi-stakeholder driven approach, 4) to set-up and maintain a macro-regional framework 5) to facilitate evidence-based policy making and 6) to increase the visibility of the bioeconomy within the quintuple helix.

Interreg BSR Programme project “Unlocking the Potential of Bio-based Value Chains in the Baltic Sea Region (BalticBiomass4Value)”

The project BalticBiomass4Value enhances the capacity of public and private actors within the Baltic Sea region to produce bioenergy in a more environmentally sustainable and economically viable way.


15:00 Welcome to the “Hubs on Stage” event, Kristaps Ročāns, VPR
15:03 “NatureBIZZ” represented by Maira Leščevica (@maira.lescevica), Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
15:13 “BioMonitor” represented by Aleksejs Nipers, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
15:23 “BIOEASTsUP” represented by Aleksejs Nipers, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
15:33 “BalticBiomass4Value” represented by Kristaps Ročāns (@kristaps.rocans), Vidzeme Planning Region
15:40 Open discussion
15:58 Conclusions and closing the Stage

The event is recorded. The presentation materials are shared and the discussion and idea sharing can continue after the event under the topic. Event recording will be available 30 days after the event.


Thank you @kristaps.rocans, @maira.lescevica and @aleksejs for interesting presentations!

:dvd::film_projector: Recording is available for 60 days

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