NEWS section

Hi, @Antti,

I just posted the first post in NEWS section and here are my first observations on what could be improved:

  1. The picture in the NEWS section is streched.

  2. After the embeded video, large section of nothing appears, although in the draft version I do not see it.

  3. When clicked on the embeded video, it opens on the same page, but it rather should open in a new window. Thus the reader can always return to the post, if there is a text following the video.

  4. There is Something wrong with the landing page of NEWS section.

  5. When clicked on ‘READ MORE’ - NEWS section landing page opens instead of the actual news.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Thank you Liene, I’ll start working with these findings soon and hopefully we have these fixed for the next platform update. :slight_smile:

@Antti, please make sure that date does not show up under the title on the landing page. It confuses the user, because if such, it seems like the “forum” happened on 3rd or April, not that article was added on that date.