Networks and groups connected to Biobord (2.1.2)

The Joint Action Plan of Biobord Network includes a mission to build the network with new connections across the Baltic Sea Region to boost innovation capacity for SMEs and start-up development in the bioeconomy. Here we will report the new connections made, groups involved in the Biobord piloting as well as efforts to strengthen the networks of the innovation hubs involved.

I will start with good news from Central Finland. We have received a funding to strengthen our innovation hub and build the innovation services for bioeconomy SMEs - in short to develop a Bioeconomy Business Accelerator to Saarijärvi.

We’ll keep you updated to the progress made and introduce the new accelerator team to Biobord as soon as they get to work! In the meanwhile, @markku can provide more information as he is the man behind the successful application. Well done, Markku! :slightly_smiling_face:

Biobord News 10.10.2019

Bioeconomy Business Accelerator is under development in the City of Saarijärvi in Northern Central Finland. The accelerator will support SMEs in product development and commercialization of globally significant solutions to combat climate change. Rural innovations in bioeconomy are central in the accelerator’s operations.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences will led a project that creates the operating model for the Business Accelerator. The Bioeconomy Business Accelerator works in a network model and is developed in co-operation with City of Saarijärvi, and strategic partnerships, Baltic Sea Action group, Finnish Forest Centre, Pro Agria Central Finland (Rural Advisory Services), KasvuOpen Ltd (Growth accelerator) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. The aim is to build a sustainable operating model that creates value to the business and has a self-reliant financing model.

The nearly million Euro project will boost the development of Bioeconomy Campus as a significant innovation hub that leverages digital solutions and platforms as well as involves students into the research, development and innovation actions.

Biobord network has joined the The European Bioeconomy Network (EuBioNet)!

What is EUBioNet?


EuBioNet is a proactive alliance of EU funded projects dealing with Bioeconomy promotion, communication and support. The main goal is to maximise the efforts, increasing the knowledge sharing, networking, mutual learning, coordination of joint activities and events.

The European Bioeconomy Network works in close collaboration with the European Commission and BBI JU, to ensure that the objectives identified by the Bioeconomy Strategy update will be properly communicated, addressed and implemented.

The European Bioeconomy Network maximises the impact of the European Commission funded projects partecipating, creates opportunities and networks and significantly increases the awareness of bioeconomy in Europe, thanks to the joint efforts of the involved projects. The European Bioeconomy Network projects benefit from the mutual promotion of outcomes, new partnerships, joint event planning and knowledge sharing.

What does it mean to be a collaborator?
1. We can submit and share ‘News and Events’ to the EuBioNet website. We could share some of the Biobord news to EuBioNet for greater exposure - and maybe share some relevant ‘On Stage’ or other events as well.

2. We can use the ‘Calls for collaboration’ This could be an added-value feature integrated to the ‘Open Bar’ - if there is a EU-wide call for experts in Mix and Mingle, we could take the call to EUBioNet. Also, we can look for suitable calls on EUBioNet and connect them to Open Bar - either ‘Mix and Mingle’ or ‘Open tap’. @santa, @inese, @halgrim, @cezary - what do you think?

The “Call for collaboration” page is only visible to the EUBioNet consortium members.

Are you planning an activity and you believe that the collaboration of the European Bioeconomy Partners can add value? Please launch a “Call for collaboration” describing your activity, the type of collaboration you foresee and what expertise you are looking for. To answer to a “Call for collaboration” you can write your answer in the comments, or contact the project that inserted the “Call for collaboration” by clicking on his/her username.

@rdi2club, kindly respond to the poll by Oct 25!

Please comment on what possibilities you would like to utilise

  • Sharing News
  • Sharing Events
  • Call for collaborators

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Should we transfer relevant content from these Biobord features to EUBioNet?


  • YES
  • NO

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  • YES
  • NO

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If you see some challenges or risks, please comment below.

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@RDI2CluB Based on the poll, it seems we have some interest to relay relevant content from ‘Open Bar’ to the EUBioNet platform. This possibility will be adjusted to the Operating Model 2.0 launch on JAN 15, 2020.

In the meantime, Open Bar facilitators and RDI2CluB partners producing news can send a private message to @Anna when they want to reach the EUBioNet audience with their news or event - or they with to make a call for collaborators.

It would be helpful to test these EUBioNet features, so please do not hesitate to propose cases!

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Dear @RDI2CluB

I will start 1st of April as a Project Specialist for Bioeconomy Business Accelerator project :point_up_2: in JAMK University of Applied Sciences. If you are interested in the project activities or have any suggestions about co-operating with us, please contact me or Merja Rehn, who is the Project Manager for Business Accelerator project. Merja´s email address is and soon you can contact her also via Biobord platform.


Dear @tiina, Would you, please, send me some description about activities of the project! We would be interested and would like to get to know a bit more about what is planned. Best regards, Irīna

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Yes, of course @irina! I will get back to you soon, hopefully already next week.