Membership in the Biobord Network

Membership in the Biobord Network

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Please find the main information summarized below.

Who are we?

The Biobord Network originates from the Baltic Sea Region – a region known for its amble natural resources as well as technological and environmental knowledge. The network was established by some of the leading and emerging bioeconomy regions around the Baltic Sea:

  • Central Finland
  • Inland Region (Norway)
  • Vidzeme (Latvia)
  • Świętokrzyskie (Poland)
  • Estonia

The founding regions have long traditions in bio-based business as well as smart specialization strategies that prioritize knowledge-based, sustainable bioeconomy to drive rural development. The regions shared an aspiration to strengthen their regional innovation processes with stronger international co-operation. Joint Action Plans were drawn to identify common interests in bioeconomy development and to steer cross-regional co-operation. Biobord platform with a joint operating model was created for innovation co-operation.

In the first extension since late 2020, we have been joined by:

  • Skåne (Sweden)
  • Värmland (Sweden)

What do we do?

Network partners are planning and implementing joint projects and events promoting the joint agendas of the network.

Biobord Joint Agendas include network initiatives on:

New joint agendas can be established based on joint interest in the network.

We are running the Biobord platform to support:

  • Network building and stakeholder involvement
  • Network interaction & co-working
  • International matchmaking
  • Promotion of the joint agendas
  • Promotion of the network partners’ expertise and activities

We are building knowhow and tools for open international innovation co-operation to boost innovation and sustainable, knowledge-based business development in bioeconomy.

Why to join Biobord Network?

As a network partner, you can work with us on the joint agendas of the Biobord Network.

  • :biking_man: Get a head start in joining project proposals and other co-operation activities emerging from the joint agendas of the Biobord network.
  • :handshake: Unite your expertise to build new joint agendas for sustainable and knowledge-based bioeconomy development.
  • :paperclips: Connect your key resources and expertise to the join agendas promoted by the network.

Network partners can promote their expertise at the Biobord platform.

  • :earth_americas: Organizations and regions presented on the Network map
  • :mega: Innovation services marketed in the Services
  • :tada: Latest achievements shared in News

Network partners can build their open, international, innovation services.

  • :magnet: Offer international matchmaking services to your regional networks via Open Biobord Forum as a part of the Biobord Contact Point team.
  • :calendar: Market your open online events in Biobord On Stage (Events in English) - we’ll share the information in Biobord social media channels. Organize targeted events to the network partners to present your co-operation proposals.
  • :+1: Leverage the expertise in open international innovation co-operation and our tested innovation process - as well as our knowhow for making it all happen online. Read more from our network partner guides.
  • :speech_balloon: Build and activate a forum community to boost the impact of your project, network, or innovation hub

What is required?

Biobord network is looking to partner with:

  • Organizations interested in co-working on the joint agendas
  • Organizations placed at a region with a smart specialization strategy for bioeconomy or its subsectors.
  • Organization with a role in the regional innovation system that is focused on bioeconomy

New organizations are welcomed to join the network as partners pending that they will sign the network agreement and accept the related obligations:

  • Honor the agreed operating practices of the Biobord platform.
  • Join the matchmaking activities at Open Biobord Forum, and to communicating and marketing the Open Biobord Forum in regional networks by naming a Biobord Contact Point.
  • Provide partner information to be presented on the network map. Ensuring that the data and contact details are up to date.

An organization interested in joining the network can apply for a partnership by contacting the Network Secretary, Riikka Kumpulainen, or @riikkakumpulainen.

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