Membership in the Biobord Network

Membership in the Biobord Network

Who are we?

The Biobord Network originates from the Baltic Sea Region – a region known for its amble natural resources as well as technological and environmental knowledge. The network was established by some of the leading and emerging bioeconomy regions around the Baltic Sea:

  • Central Finland

  • Inland Region (Norway)

  • Vidzeme (Latvia)

  • Świętokrzyskie (Poland)

  • Estonia

The founding regions have long traditions in bio-based business as well as smart specialization strategies that prioritize knowledge-based, sustainable bioeconomy to drive rural development. The regions shared an aspiration to strengthen their regional innovation processes with stronger international co-operation. Joint Action Plans were drawn to identify common interests in bioeconomy development and to steer cross-regional co-operation. Biobord platform with a joint operating model was created for innovation co-operation.

In the first extension since late 2020, we have been joined by:

  • Skåne (Sweden)

  • Värmland (Sweden)

What do we do?

At the moment, we are working on defining a Biobord Network Agenda that comprises of network initiatives that we will prioritize in 2022-2027. The network initiatives will prioritize and focus our network activities by providing a framework for launching joint project proposals and network events.

Stay tuned for more information – Biobord Network Agenda is published in ‘Get Connected with Biobord’ event organized on 2021-06-14T21:00:00Z.

Why to join Biobord Network?

As a network partner, you can work with us on to realize the Biobord Network Agenda that includes initiatives on:

  • Connecting bioeconomy innovation ecosystems across the Baltic Sea region
  • Climate friendly food from Baltic Sea Region
  • Unlocking the potential of digitalization in forestry
  • Sustainable nature-based business with data-based resource management and co-operation

As a network partner, you can

:biking_man: Get a head start in joining the project proposals and other co-operation activities emerging from the existing initiatives of the Biobord network. You can work with us on one or several of the initiatives.

:paperclips: You can also unite your expertise with ours to build new initiatives for sustainable and knowledge-based bioeconomy development.

You are able to promote your expertise at the Biobord platform.

:earth_americas: You will be features in our network map

:mega: You will be able to market your innovation services in the service page

:tada: You will be able to share News of your latest achievements

You can build your open innovation services

:magnet: Offer international matchmaking services to your regional networks via Open Biobord Forum

:+1: Leverage the expertise in open international innovation co-operation and our tested innovation process - as well as our knowhow for making it all happen online!

You will also get tools for stakeholder engagement

:calling: Market your open online events in Biobord On Stage (Events in English) - we’ll share the information in Biobord social media channels

:calendar: Organize targeted events to the network partners to present your co-operation proposals

:speech_balloon: Build and activate a forum community to boost the impact of your project, network, or innovation hub

What is required?

We are looking for partnering with:

  • Organizations that represent a business cluster, business support organization, sectoral organization, research or education institute, public administration or agency OR a NGO that has a strategic focus on bioeconomy or its subsectors

  • Organizations should be placed at a region with a smart specialization strategy for bioeconomy or its subsectors.

  • Organization should have a role in the regional innovation system that is focused on bioeconomy.

An organization interested in joining the network can apply for a partnership by contacting the Network Secretary, Riikka Kumpulainen, or @riikkakumpulainen.

Please note that as per the network agreement coming to force in 2022, our partners are obligated to:

  • Honor the jointly agreed operating practices of the Biobord platform when sharing content in the Biobord platform.

  • Honor the jointly agreed operating practices and maintain the Terms of Service of the Biobord platform when facilitating groups and categories in the Biobord Forum. This includes moderating the content that is shared in the groups and categories that the partner is facilitating on the Biobord Forum in regional languages.

  • The partners name representatives from their region to the Biobord Staff. If a region is represented by several partner organizations, the partners can name joint representative(s). When naming representative to the ‘Biobord Staff’, the partner commits to joining the matchmaking activities at Open Biobord Forum, and to communicating and marketing the Open Biobord Forum in regional networks.

  • Provide the Network Secretary with a partner information to be presented on the network map. Ensuring that the data and contact details are up to date.