Guides for Biobord Network Partners

:warning: At the moment, the guides for Forum Facilitation and Content Creation at the Biobord platform are under a review process that will be completed by June 24, 2021. The Guide for Innovation Process is under development in the ConnectedByBiobord project and will also be finalized by June 24, 2021.

Guides for Biobord Network Partners

As a result of projects RDI2CluB and ConnectedByBiobord, we have defined guidelines for joint activities in the Biobord Network. These guidelines for Biobord Network Partners have been compiled to 3 Guides. Guides are developed for the Biobord Network but are open access for anyone interested.

:pushpin: GUIDE 1: FORUM FACILITATION defines how the Biobord Network Partners can utilise the Biobord Forum.

Biobord_Partner_Guide1_forum_facilitation_lastedit31032021.pdf (730.0 KB)

:pushpin: GUIDE 2: CONTENT CREATION defines how the Biobord Network Partners can feature their information on News, Services and Network Map of Biobord platform.

Biobord_Partner_Guide2_Content_Creation_lastedit31032021.pdf (267.1 KB)

:pushpin: GUIDE 3: INNOVATION PROCESS defines how the international Biobord network works together on solving challenges and developing ideas into innovations.
Guide coming up by June 24, 2021.