Hubs On Stage - Research of medicinal and aromatic plants for the development of innovative products and businesses


Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES), a member of the Latvian @RDI2CluB team welcomes you to the “Hubs on Stage” event that will provide an overview of IES’s research and development work in the area of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs).

Time: 14.04.2020 at 15:00 (EE)/14:00 (CET)
Duration: 1hr.
Host: Institute for Environmental Solutions (Latvia)

There is an expanding interest worldwide in MAPs due to their use as raw materials in the production of medicinal and cosmetic products. Furthermore, consumers are becoming more health-conscious paying attention to sustainably produced natural ingredients of known origin. This, in turn, has driven a rising demand for plant-based extracts from pharmaceutical, food & beverage, cosmetic and agrochemical industries.

One of the IES’s research and innovation directions is related to the domestication, cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics applications. During the On Stage event, IES will present a number of MAPs related projects and key results.

On Stage:

  • Project “Growing Genetic Diversity of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants”
  • Project “Innovative Solutions for Growing Technologies and Applications of Spring Medicinal and Aromatic Plants”
  • Project “Development of Innovative Technologies for Cultivation and Food Production of Ginseng and Chinese Horseradish”
  • Project “New seed preparation technologies for pre-sowing and sowing”
  • Project “GrassLife”, promotion of grassland services by developing a recipe-book of medicinal and aromatic plants


15:00 – 15:05 Welcome to the “Hubs on Stage” event by Inese Suija - Markova, Managing Director of IES

15:0515.40 Project presentations by Dr. Arta Kronberga, Leading Researcher, Dr. Ieva Mežaka, Leading Researcher and Rūta Abaja, Researcher

15:40 - 15:58 Open discussion

15:5816:00 Conclusions and closing the Stage

The event is recorded. The presentation materials are shared, and the discussion and idea sharing can continue after the event under the topic. Event recording will be available 30 days after the event.


@susannalahnamaki, this might be interesting for you and your team ? :slight_smile:

Hi Riikka, so it seems!

@hanna_kaihlajarvi, @marianne, @Aija, please book this event on your calendar if it supports your project plans and/or focus groups. @hanna_kaihlajarvi, you might have some entrepreneurs that could be interest of this.

Sounds interesting. I’ll put this in my calender.

Please find here the recording of yesterday’s Hubs on Stage -event:

Recording requires a password: H5!T$00+

Thank you for all participants, it was great to see so many of you on the other side of the screen! :slight_smile: And thank you for Institute of Environmental Solutions of great presentation.


@riikkakumpulainen Thank you for sharing the record of the meeting! These recordings do help to cope with the multiple meetings :slight_smile: