Efficient monitoring of lakes in a climate change perspective

I am working with water quality and fish in lakes, by means of in situ water quality measurements, satellite image analysis and echosounding, and in near future also with subwater drones. Who is interested in cooperation to develop and test methods?

Arne Nils Linløkken
Associated professor
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences[img

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Dear @arnel,
do you have any specific projects in mind, or are you open for all suggestions on water quality? I believe JAMK has worked on this topic, perhaps @siimt has any ideas?

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I have some ideas, and some locations in mind. Has JAMK annonced something on Biobord? I haven’t the overview, there are a lot of pages.
I know that scientists at at University of Jyväskylä are working with echosounding, etc., but they are not present in this forum.

Best regards Arne

I don’t know what JAMK is working on now. They have announced a service on water protection: https://biobord.eu/services/ (Choose Bioeconomy Campus under “Filter by Hubs”, and you’ll find it), that’s way I was thinking of them. Maybe @Hannariina knows something more about this, other topics, or who to contact for project ideas?

Dear @arnel, excellent idea!

Yes, we have a specific team at the Institute of Bioeconomy for water related issues and @siimt knows best of it.

@Biotalouskampus_staff, please see Arnel’s post :slight_smile:


Now, the question is, can we find a suitable program? That does not look so easy. Many programs are running out this year.



Hi all - @arnel @riikkakumpulainen @siimt @Biotalouskampus_staff @Hannariina @ingrid
There is also a discussion opened in RDi2Club forum on this subject - se Digitalisation for sustainability and productivity (1.1.1)

Just cross conecting the threads :slight_smile: