Call for a bioeconomy innovation cases (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Poland)

Have you seen the “Nordic Bioeconomy. 25 cases for Sustainable Change” material, published by Nordic Council of Ministers in year 2017? The catalogue full of practical knowledge and stories is an excellent format of spreading the word on bioeconomy innovation across the society.

Inspired by above mentioned, consortium of RDI2CluB project is starting the work on the development of best practices material that will include cases from Finland, Norway, and outside the Nordics – Poland, Latvia and Estonia. It aims to raise each single person’s awareness on the bioeconomy and to promote its inclusion into agendas at all levels.

If you are a representative of company, policy maker, academia, NGO or other relevant stakeholder working with development of bioeconomy innovation, and suit the below mentioned criteria, get in contact with your national contact person by October 17, 2019 to see if your case can serve as the best practice for bioeconomy innovation around the BSR.

See criteria and descriptions here: Criteria - RDI2CluB Bioeconomy Cases_BIOBORD.pdf (166.5 KB)

Contact persons
Latvia (Vidzeme region) - Santa Niedola, / @santa
Norway (Hedmark region) - Øyvind Nordstrand, / @oyvind
Poland (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) - Ewelina Ledwójcik, / @ewelina
Estonia - Kaidi Kaaret, / @kaidi
Finland (Central Finland) - Anna Aalto, / @Anna


Hi @santa, thank you for your post. We hope many bioeconomy actors will contribute with their cases.