Bioeconomy in our daily life- webinar: “What the tree can do”

Hi all!

In collaboration with the Dutch Hub the Nordic Hub is organizing “What the tree can do” as the second webinar of the BLOOM Bioeconomy Webinar Series . In the webinar you will meet four top researchers in the different fields of forest bioeconomy. We will talk about opportunities related to wood fibers and lignin as well as perspectives of future research, forest availability and the role of bioeconomy in a sustainable future.

Read more and register (free) here: Bioeconomy in our daily life- webinar: "What the tree can do" - bloom-bioeconomy



Thank you @riikkakumpulainen for sharing this webinar! There is an information that webinar will be recorded. Is it possible to share the recording here as well?

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Let’s see, I’ll check :slight_smile:

Hi! @kirsi.knuuttila

Would it be possible to share the recording of your What The Tree Can Do -webinar here ? :slight_smile:

It would be great if the recording could be shared. I’d really like to attend, but have another meeting the same time :slight_smile:

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Dear @santa and @ingrid (+ others), the webinar will be most likely (they are still waiting one filming permission) recorded and saved to BLOOM-project’s web site. I will share it here afterwards. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, @riikkakumpulainen :slight_smile:

Dear @annemari, were you able to record the webinar ? :slight_smile: