Wood construction

Cooperation will be promoted by exchange of knowledge and experience in development and introduction of technologies necessary for wood construction.

In the wood construction webinar on 5th of April several common themes of interest were seen:

  • Fire security
  • Knowledge of building rules of wood construction
  • Wood buildings as carbon sinks
  • Maintenance costs of wood buildings

The possible co-operation was seen to be in research as well as in company level.

What could be the next steps for co-operation? In this discussion you can share your ideas and suggest ways of co-operation. It is possible also to use this discussion for example to share your experiences about wood construction.

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For inspiration and ideas, please check the publication of 25 Nordic cases of wood in construction.

This publication features 25 Nordic cases from across the value chain working with wood in exciting and innovative ways. These projects demonstrate the benefits and drivers for building with wood, and provide inspiration for architects, land managers, city planners, designers, suppliers and many more. The 25 cases point to five trends within Nordic wood in construction that paint a picture of where the industry is headed: 1) multifunctionality; 2) saving time and costs; 3) investing in scalability; 4) pushing the boundaries; and 5) circular design.

Is this the one in Hedmark?

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Yes, that’s the one. They opened it recently - I attended a meeting here and stayed at the Wood Hotel in May 2019 :slight_smile: It’s a nice place to arrange meetings :smile:

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The Finish Group will stay there during their visit in September.
Due to a lot of People visiting this building, it is not always easy to have an introduction about the building, but Tretorget will try to help you (and can also present the building / the Construction process).

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