Wild herbs, case example and expert from Central Finland

@Inese , @kristaps.rocans told that you have some activities going on with wild herbs, is that correct? We have one very innovative company (Crenogo green), who has done a lot of work to improve cultivation technologies for wild herbs. The owner has also used digitalisation in monitoring e.g. soil moisture etc. They are producing different products from wild herbs, their web pages are only in Finnish (https://sites.google.com/view/nordicforyou-fi/etusivu), but let me know if you have any interest to learn more.

Dear @hannu, thank you for sharing the information. One of our research and development areas is the domestication of medicinal and aromatic plants collected in the wilderness. The purpose is to develop growing technologies for industrial-scale under organic farming conditions. Our commercial partner in this is a company which produces ingredients (dried material, extracts and essential oils) from medicinal and aromatic plants and sells them in B2B sector for different applications (cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals). Digitalisation is of high interest for them and for us, for sure. How big is the Finnish company?

@Inese , it is small but experienced and to my understanding, eager to grow.

Thank you @hannu Hannu! Valmiermui┼ża brewery is also very much interested to work with wild Nordic herbs for new beverages products. Perhaps you can send contact information to me or Aigars?