We are looking for small business partners for the Keuruu region to combat climate change


My name is Reijo Himanen. I´m a project manager att Development Company Keulink. We have launched a project to combat climate change and to exploit the business opportunities it offers. We are looking for partners who would be interested in working with small businesses in the Keuruu region. If you are interested, please contact us at reijo.himanen@keulink.fi and check out Keulink’s web page https://keulink.fi and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/keulinkoy/


Hi @reijo.himanen,

Welcome to Biobord! Hope you can get connected with our regional projects in the Bioeconomy Campus forum and also find international contacts in this forum. Hope we can hear more information on the companies from Keuruu interested in the international contacts. @tiina and @riikkakumpulainen can surely help you further with connecting the companies!