Video-supported collaborative learning : Teacher’s Manual

Video-supported collaborative learning : Teacher’s Manual

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Videos have been used in teaching and learning for decades. However, international studies have discovered that a lot of teachers still do not know how to use videos systematically in teaching and, in particular, in teaching that supports collaborative learning. Just showing a video is not enough to learn from it collaboratively. It appears that most teachers do not use video tools in a way to develop conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills that are relevant work-life competences of the knowledge worker.

Thus, based on international analyses we discovered that both the education and business sector lack suitable pedagogical models and structures to promote collaborative learning from and with videos.

This Teacher’s Manual seeks to inspire teacher educators, teachers at all educational levels and education organisation managers to try using videos to support learning and particularly collaborative learning. It provides a brief theoretical background of Video-Supported Collaborative Learning (VSCL) and a description of the pedagogical model as well as a business-higher education co-creation model developed in the Video-Supported Education Alliance (ViSuAL) project. Our solution combines: evidence-based pedagogical use of videos and computer supported collaborative learning into video-supported collaborative learning, as well as co-operation and development together with education technology companies to capitalize on the latest video solutions and tools.

We argue that video can be an excellent tool when combined with collaborative learning. Video bridges theory and practice, which develops students’ reflection skills and supports the development of agency. This Teacher’s Manual introduces some practical examples on how and why educators across Europe have applied pedagogical models in their teaching and learning activities. The manual can be used at any educational level to start implementing the principles and ideas of video-supported collaborative learning.