Trend analysis on emerging sustainable bioeconomy trends in BSR

You can shape the policy future of the sustainable bioeconomy

Nordic Council of Ministers is carrying out a survey on the emerging sustainable bioeconomy trends. By completing our survey, you will help shape the policy future of the sustainable bioeconomy.

The preliminary trends (10 identified) are the initial result of an analysis by Nordic Council of Ministers in partnership with Nordic Sustainability and Nordregio. They are founded on 24 interviews with industry experts in the Baltic Sea Region, North West Russia, and North Atlantic, and an extensive literature review. The bioeconomy trend analysis has been commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers in its role as Policy Area Coordinator for Bioeconomy in the EU Strategy.

The emerging trends include the rise of algae, the use of novel sources of protein, the value-adding potential of localized products, as well as growing opportunities for the exploitation of industrial side streams; to name a few.

By contributing to this survey, you will gain insights from the preliminary results of the analysis. Your input will influence the development of the trends.

The results will be communicated directly to policy makers in the region and serve to inform decisions for the development of the sustainable bioeconomy.

@RDI2CluB To participate, please set aside 20 minutes and follow the link: