Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship as Interreg Projects partner

Dear All,

Biobord network reaches more and more people, representing varius organisations, that maight be inetersted in Interreg projects, especially IBSR, and others as well. That is why, I am going to use the Open Biobord Forum to share with you an request of the Department of Investement and Development in Marshal Office of the Świętokrzyskie Region (Poland) - to be an Interreg project partner. :smiley: Please, take some time to read through the information - maybe your organization or one you got to know - is seeking at the moment for such project partner. Below some words about their project experience and potential fields for cooperation.

The Department of Investement and Development`s responsibilities are quite broad as we are the managing authority of regional operational programme, which in the new financial perspective will get an offcial name: „European Funds for Świetokrzyskie” for 2021 – 2027. But we are also responsible for other thematic key/strategic documents i,e. Development Strategy of Świętokrzyskie Region for 2030+. We also identified our smart specializations in RIS Regional Innovation Strategy, which are:

  • Metal and foundry industry,

  • Resource-efficient construction,

  • Modern agriculture and agri-food processing,

  • Health tourism: https://ubz.pl/en/

And horizontal smart specialisations of the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship:

  • Information and communication technologies,

  • Trade fair and congress industry,

  • Sustainable energy development.

In our city Kielce there is Kielce Trade Fairs Centre /TARGI KIELCE EXHIBITION & CONGRESS CENTRE/, here is a link to their official website: https://www.targikielce.pl/en/about-us . It`s the second bigest fairs centre in Poland and they provide thematic international fairs throughout the year focused on i.e. agriculture, education, construcions, furniture&design, defence etc. – all the details about it are available on their website.

We are running the following Interreg Projects right now. All of them are implemented within the frames of Interreg Europe programme:

Most of them are finishing this year, that is why we`d like to engage in new Interreg projects. :slight_smile:

In the attachment you can find a short presentation about our region, so feel free to look at it and ask if there is some particular topic that you would like to have more detailed information about.

So, the Interreg Europe programme will be a great opportunity to work on for us as a partner, I`ve noticed that the first call will be open in April or May 2022. So we still have some time. But, yes we are interested in the topic of entrepreneurship support or any topic from our smart specializations. If you hear or know that some partnership is looking for a partner, let us know, we will be happy to join.:slight_smile:
new świetokrzyskie economy.pdf (3.5 MB)


Dear @ewelina, thank you for a great summary.

I see synergies with JAMK in following areas:

  • Modern agriculture and agri-food processing
  • Information and communication technologies,

I will take a look if there are potential funding calls to-be-opened :slight_smile:

JAMK will also host an international webinar of our agriculture know-how at the end of this month. I will send you and invite. I think it would be a good place to start the co-operation since we introduce our expertise there (expertise around agriculture).


Dear @riikkakumpulainen ,
that’s a great news!
Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile: both me and the newly registered Biobord member Ms. Liliana Krężołek - e-mail: liliana.krezolek@sejmik.kielce.pl
Regards, Ewelina

Hi Riikka, yes just like Ewelina has already mentioned and wrote we are open for Interreg projects. As far as I know, within the frameworks of Interreg Baltic Sea the call is already opened but within Interreg Europe, it will start in April/June, so that would be a good oportunity to work together. We are willing to cooperate as a partner. Feel free to contact with me.
Kind regards,


Great! @liliana.krezolek. Lets talk soon!

Dear @mernitz, @christian_theel, @katrinkepp, @svea perhaps you would be interested in this webinar? :slight_smile: Could you please share the invite in your organizations? It would be nice to plan some joint activities with you!

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Dear Riikka, do you have any more and specific information about your webinar? We cannot market it without knowing more. But it might be interesting for us or our partners. BR from Germany, Christian

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Dear @christian_theel, event information can be found from here: BioTalks: FARM MANAGEMENT;SUPPORTING THE SUSTAINABILITY OF FARMING AND ENVIRONMENT

Same info also in this PDF:
BioTalks 250322.pdf (1004.0 KB)

Thank you for your help!