Solar powered warnings of wildlife

In the Interreg project ecoINSIDE2 there is a question about experts with knowledge about warnings of wildlife and interest of solar power that makes such equipment possible “off-grid”.

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That sounds interesting, @ola. Could you tell us a bit more about the project and what kind of expertise you’re looking for? Is it any kind of wildlife warnings, or for a specific use (monitoring in fields, traffic/roads, etc), any specific animals, etc?

Since solar power is the main interest for our partners in Interreg ecoINSIDE2, I think they will be willing to discuss any kind of “off-grid” wildlife warnings. Probably mostly linked to moose, rawdeer etc and warnings for traffic on roads, but not limited to this.

Hi Ola and Ingrid,
For your notice, there is a student of the Institute of Bioeconomy just started her thesis for this subject. The first impression is that there could be possibilities for some information exchange, joint studies etc.

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Nice. Just forward our contact information and we can forward this both to expertice at HINN Evenstad and to the solar people asking for someone to cooperate with.

the student is Maarit Huuskonen,
I have sent an email to her about this initiative, but not spoken yet.
The mentoring teacher is Jaakko Tukia,
He is an enthusiastic hunter himself, too.
I am the client of the work.