Replacing plastic "tea bag" mesh with something biodegradeable

In our area, we have a factory which in their production uses a net similar to a tea bag (see picture). Today, this bag is based on plastic (Polypropylene), but they want to replace this with something biodegradable – preferably in a natural environment.

They have some requirements for the properties of the net/”tea bag”, such as tensile strength and weight, but for now, I’m looking for anyone with expertise in this – either for the development of a new, biodegradable net, or if anyone already has developed this.

Do you have this expertise yourself, or do you know anyone who does? Please let me know!



Hello Ingrid.
I found this Walki group, which have developed a compostable coffee pod.
It is featured on the New Tree project website:
Walki-Group’s website can be found here: