Renewing operations of traditional bio-based SMEs with new business and cooperation models

Renewing operations of traditional bio-based SMEs with new business and cooperation models’ is one of the Joint Actions of the Biobord Network. The action aims to share experience and knowledge on the business and cooperation models, necessary for bio-based SMEs’ successful, sustainable performance.

Related to the topic, JAMK Institute of Bioeconomy has recently started a new project Päämäärätietoisesti uutta liiketoimintaa pohjoiseen Keski-Suomeen (direct translation would be something like: purposefully new business to north-central Finland). Project plans to use the Biobord platform as a communication channel and collaboration platform. The aim is to develop and exchange ideas between the information events and workshops organized by the project. The idea is also to provide expert and peer support to entrepreneurs with the development of new business ideas. A local and international network of experts and entrepreneurs will be involved through the Biobord platform in developing and evaluating the business models generated during the project. Our goal is for entrepreneurs in our area to learn from international networks and to find new ways of doing business in our area.

We are looking to share with the Biobord Network the knowledge gathered on the new business models for rural entrepreneurs. We also hope to benchmark and learn from the experiences of the network.

In particular, examples are needed of new business models that work with farms. Could you find examples of combining the following industries:

  • sheep farms and artisans
  • milk producers and milk processors
  • equine entrepreneurs, nature service entrepreneurs and green care entrepreneurs
  • agritourism entrepreneurs and companies providing activities
  • cooperation models for livestock and crop production

Is there any similar actions going on or planned in your regions? Based on our Joint Action Plan, especially @RDI2CluB_Vidzeme and @RDI2CluB_Inland have been interested to join this action.


Hi Marianne
I’m working to get some of my collegues in INN Campus Lillehammer into this discussion. They are experienced in business models related to tourism and I think they could contribute to some of the topics you are adressing. We’ll stay in touch :slight_smile:

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My name is Hans Holmengen. I am an associate professor at INN, campus Lillehammer. I am dealing with business models in the tourism industry, experience economy and events. For the time being I am working on an INTERREG project (INGO). This project aims to reveal what forest-based changes is going on and what are the consequences for the tourism enterprises.
The experiences and results from the INGO project is likely to be adequate for the BIOBORD project and I will be happy to share.
My e-mail adres is:


Hi @RDI2CluB_Vidzeme and @RDI2CluB_Inland

It has been a bit quiet here, but now I break the silence. :slight_smile:

Here is some information about the results that we have received so far in our Päämäärätietoisesti uutta liiketoimintaa pohjoiseen Keski-Suomeen aka Pämä project.

We have achieved our project goals pretty well and we have brought the entrepreneurs together. The project have organised 16 information events about different subjects and a few workshops related to subjects which local entrepreneurs were interested the most. There are also three different development projects started or starting with groups of companies of the same branch of business. These projects are related about marketing and production development of sheep’s and alpaca’s wool, wellness tourism and equestrian services. Within a few months, we will certainly get some results from these projects to share.

We have also tried to use Biobord platform for information sharing and discussion in our own group, but we haven’t succeeded to create discussion there.

The covid-19 pandemic causes its own challenges, but we have managed to organise all our planned local events in this spring via Internet and there have been a lot of participants and we have got positive feedback for that. We haven’t arranged any international events relating to this project because the interest for that has been quite low at the moment.

If you have some questions about our project and activities we have done, we’ll be happy to answer them with project manager @hanna_kaihlajarvi . :slight_smile: