Remote Sensing for Monitoring of Wild Animals

Since October 2020, the ConnectedByBiobord project partners have been collaborating to develop new technological approaches for monitoring of large-bodied wild animals and free-ranging live-stock. As a part of this process, the partners reviewed existing capabilities of various remote sensing technologies and assessed their potential for monitoring of large-bodied wild animals, free-ranging livestock and their habitat.

The partners explored existing and future challenges of wildlife monitoring and management in the Baltic Sea Region context; reviewed and assessed currently used approaches and methods for monitoring of wild animals, free ranging livestock and their habitats; collected and conducted analysis of stakeholder needs in every partner country, identified opportunities for the development of innovative, technology-based solutions for monitoring of large-bodied wild animals, free-ranging livestock and their habitats.

The study focused on dominant, large-bodied ungulate species in the countries of Baltic Sea Region and Norway, including elk ( Alces alces ), red deer ( Cervus elaphus ), roe deer ( Capreolus capreolus ), white-tailed deer ( Odocoileus virginianus ), reindeer ( Rangifer tarandus ), and wild boar ( Sus scrofa ); free-ranging livestock and semi-domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus ), and effective and remote data acquisition technologies with minimal human involvement from a data acquisition perspective.

The Technological Report will be further exploited to design and conduct technological piloting and demonstration activities in Latvia, Norway and Finland with a purpose to test the application of various technologies and tools in practice.

The full report is available here - CBB_GoA2.3._Remote_Sensing_Technologies_Report.pdf (1.2 MB) .

If you are interested in the results of technological piloting and demonstration activities or want to join our partnership and participate in joint events, let us know by getting in touch with us either by e-mail and replying to this message here in the Open Biobord Forum! Our contact details: Inese Suija-Markova, e-mail: or Dainis Jakovels, e-mail:

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As part of the ConnectedByBiobord project, four partner organizations from Latvia, Finland, Norway, and Poland joined their forces to develop an innovative, technology-based approach for the detection and monitoring of wild animals and free-ranging livestock.

The video documents the main challenges tackled with the help of technologies, the obtained results and the most important lessons learnt - . Based on this experience, the partners have developed a plan for further cooperation to continue exploring and exploiting the technological capabilities for more sustainable management of natural resources. If you find this theme and our ideas interesting, do not hesitate to contact the Biobord network.