Regional Council of Central Finland's work with local food

As part of Joint Action Plan (action number 2.2.2) and Regional Action Plan work, Regional Council of Central Finland has put a lot of effort on local food and local food chains. This spring we participated in social media campaign that focused on sharing information for consumers about local food and why it is beneficial to support local food producers by buying their products. These four pictures were used for raising awareness and encouraging consumers to buy more local food.

Unfortunately, texts in pictures are only in Finnish, but we still wanted to share them; as an example what we have done under Joint action 2.2.2. Key messages are translated under each picture.

Iso kokonaisuus muodostuu yksittäisistä valinnoista - The big picture is a sum of small individual choices.
Speech bubble: “Hi! Nice that you buy local food also!”

Ruoka läheltä: rahat ja työpaikat jäävät alueelle - Food from the region: money and jobs stay in the region.
Speech bubble1:” We need honey… this is from Hungary”
Speech bubble2:” Hey, look! these ones are produced here”
Speech bubble3: “It’s nice to support local entrepreneur”
Text: Support local food producer!

Tuotannon jatkuvuus - Continuation of production.
Speech bubble:” Thanks to the revenue, cultivation can continue next year.”

Syksyn sato kylvetään keväällä – Autumn’s yield is sowed in spring
Speech bubble:” Thanks to the nature’s growing seasons we can also cultivate.”