PP7 looks for cooperation with Science Centre

PP7 looks for cooperation with Science Centre.

PP7 within its organization structure manages Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre.
Our Centre is focused on human body and environment protection. Both two themes are described by following exhibition:

  •      Human as an incredible machine,
  •      Human as a part in nature machine.

In order to obtain and exchange best practicies from other similar science centres, Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre decided to aplicate for benchmarking visit co-finanicng form Icelandic Funds.
The deadline for sending the application is 15th of September, 2019.
For correct application preparation Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre must possess formal letter of cooperation including invitation from other overseas science center.

Assessing all potential possibilities PP7 decided to establish this kind of cooperation using RDI2CluB relations with other Partners.

Therefore, if you have some suitable Science Centre in your region do not hesitate and let us know!

Dear @cezary ,

I would suggest you get in contact with the Director of the Science Center “Zinoo” in our town Cesis in Latvia. His name is Pauls Irbins, e-mail: irbins@gmail.com or pauls@zinoo.lv , tel. no. +37129423324. They might be interested in cooperation. You can refer to me.

Best regards,

Thank you, Inese!