Plant based proteins: ongoing activities?

Call for ongoing activities/projects/businesses around plant based proteins in healthy food!

Hi all!

A colleague of mine from Scan Balt Bioeconomy Network is collecting a list of ongoing activities/projects around plant-based proteins for healthy food.

Information is used for just started Interreg Baltic Sea Region Seed Money -project Balt-PRO:

The growing world population demands increased high-quality protein-rich food sources, while simultaneously considering human health, environmental sustainability, with more effective and ecological agricultural practices, and increased biodiversity. In order to increase alternative protein cultivation and boost market share of healthy food the local experiences need a boost on a transnational level. Pilot and demonstration activities are already established on regional / national level, but so far the exchange on the steps of the value chain and improvements thereof have not been set up.

Please share your regions/country’s activities here and i will forward the information to Mr. Frank Graage from Steinbeis Team Nordost.

Information is needed before 13.01.2021, but I recommend you to share it before Christmas holidays :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Feel free to forward the message :slight_smile:

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Welcome to international plant protein discussion 13.01.2021!


Open to read: Alternative protein invitation.pdf (1.5 MB)

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Great chance to network internationally with plant protein experts and plan joint initiatives around the topic! Interreg seed money projects leads to real projects.


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