Online Living Lab - Sustainable Hospitals

The Interreg North Sea Region project Northern Connections invites to an online Living Lab Event with a focus on reducing energy and resource consumption in hospitals in Denmark.

Danish Hospitals are highly ambitious, in regards to meeting the goals laid out internationally - with the Paris Agreement - as well as supporting the national goals regarding the green transition. The healthcare sector can be a very complicated sector to successfully implement new solutions into, and this is why we are now inviting innovators from the North Sea Region to pitch their solutions and ideas to the Danish Hospitals, directly.

The hospital owners are searching for innovative companies, ideas, technologies and methodologies in order to identify and form new partnerships within the specified challenge areas Energy and Resource Efficiency.

Could this be you, or anyone you know?
Find the invitation here ONLINE Living Lab Event - Sustainable Hospitals DK.pdf (281.1 KB),
or more information on the website:

Welcome to an exciting and future-oriented living lab event!



I don’t know how well the goals meet, but Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences is involved in the Sami & Samu project:

Targeting antimicrobial resistance in hospital environment by natural wood based substances and replacing oil based plastic materials with bio based materials in hospital environment.

More about the project: