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JAMK Institute of Bioeconomy and Baltic Institute of Finland present to the Biobord network a Call for partners to join planning of a project proposal related to co-operation of circular bioeconomy innovation accelerators across the BSR. To launch the call for partners, we are organising an On stage event on June 16 at 13.00 -15.00 CEST or 14.00 -16.00 EEST.

Please find here more information on our project proposal and the planned On Stage event. If you have any questions, you are welcome to share your questions or comments as a reply to this topic - or contact us directly @anna.

Project idea in brief

Potential funding: Interreg BSR 2021-2027 programme, priority 1.1 (call expected to open later this year)


  1. We are connecting the regional innovation ecosystems across BSR through bridging the operations of circular bioeconomy focused business and innovation accelerators. The inter-regional co-operation will allow a greater number of creative encounters in innovation processes as well as offer enhanced access to talent, expertise and RDI environments to solve the innovation challenges and support the transition to circular bioeconomy. We are piloting models for enhancing the accelerators’ activities with inter-regional connections and co-operation as well as new models for inter-regional co-operation between the accelerators. These pilots can include joint innovation events, inter-regional innovation calls and inter-regional matchmaking for innovation brokerage. Tested practices are applied in the Biobord network after the project.

  2. Increasing innovativeness of the region by building the capacity for innovation process as well as developing and improving the operational models of the circular bioeconomy focused business and innovation accelerators. Accelerators are key players in driving the transition to a low-carbon and resource-efficient society and a sustainable economy. The accelerators will take part in a benchmarking tour to identify best practices that can help them to solve their operational challenges or to enhance their innovation processes. The accelerators will then pilot new practices with the support of inter-regional mentor from another accelerator. With the benchmarking actions and piloting, we strive to define the needed conditions and enabling policies as well as co-operation and operational models that are needed for effective acceleration of green transition in the regions. The gained insights are applied in regional and accelerator level as well as shared and disseminated to BSR and EU levels to boost the European green transition.

  3. Adapting smart specialization approaches to strengthen inter-regional co-operation and to drive green transition. We aim to reach a level of co-operation where regions have established joint investment and co-operation agendas to support transition to circular bioeconomy through strong dialogue with business sector and an inter-regional value chain mapping. Joint investment and co-operation agendas identify e.g., joint needs for RDI environments and facilities that can be shared, possibilities to leverage the RDI environments and facilities of other regions and possibilities to connect the RDI environments and facilities of two or more regions to provide a better innovation service for the business sector. We are responding to the common challenge of how to effectively involve the business sector to the smart specialization dialogue. We are co-designing (planning, testing, and evaluating) approaches, such as a value-chain mapping and business-interest driven inter-regional Hackathon, to engage the business sector and to build the dialogue on smart specialization co-operation from the business perspective.

Thematic focus within bioeconomy: Circular bioeconomy in 3 focus value chains selected from food sector, forest sector and bioenergy.

Circular bioeconomy offers many opportunities for addressing all aspects of sustainability from economic and social to environmental impacts. Our definition of circular bioeconomy focuses on the sustainable, resource-efficient valorization of biomass (e.g., in integrated, multi-output production chains such as in forest sector), making use of residues, waste and side streams (e.g., for energy recovery) as well as optimizing the value of bio-based products (e.g., added-value food production).

Please find more information on the needs and expectations of BioPaavo Business Accelerator:
BioPaavo Business Accelerator.pdf (270.3 KB)

Call for partners!

  • We are looking for organizations that support bioeconomy business development regionally (or nationally) with innovation or business accelerator programs or via offering different platforms for innovation. The organizations can be e.g. incubators, accelerators, business and science parks, innovation hubs or cluster organizations.

  • We also hope to connect the relevant regional authorities from the regions of the accelerator organizations to the project, mainly as associated partners, but in relevant cases also as partners.

  • Research organizations with innovation accelerator activities (or development plans related to innovation accelerator activities) can also be considered as partners. In addition, organizations with specific knowhow that adds value to the selected thematic areas or specific activities can also be considered as partners

On Stage event

In case your organization is interested in joining the discussions, please join the event. You are also welcomed to request for a brief meet-up with @anna before the event if you are looking for more information or wish to clarify certain aspects of the proposal.

Please note that we hope that the participants will prepare to present their needs, expectations and priorities related to the proposal at the meeting.

Time: 13.00 -15.00 CEST / 14.00 -16.00 EEST on June 16, 2021


Programme outline

9.00 Short introduction round

9.10 Proposal for project concept and work plan (WPs, activities, steps and outputs); presentation, comments and discussion

10.00 Break

10.10 Partner round – potential partner organizations present their needs, expectations and priorities related to the proposal – what would you hope to gain from the project?

10.45 Proposal of next steps in planning – discussion and conclusion of next steps and roles of the partners

FYI: @ola @staale @markku @tiina @gilbert.ludwig @Suvi-Tuulia @paperprovince_magnus @pnemes @j.stenslokken @kristaps.rocans @Inese @trulsbretz @klara_lindstrom @saila-inkeri.puukko @riikkakumpulainen - Feel free to share the information forward! For more information, please do not hesitate to be in contact!


We will have a meeting with Norwegian Wood Cluster tomorrow to discuss who could possibly be the best / the most relevant Norwegian partner in such a project / application.

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Thank you @ola, we needed to change the date, I hope this is not a big inconvenience!

Time will show. Have a nice weekend.

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@ConnectedByBiobord @Biobord_network

Thank you for participation @pnemes @katrinkepp @tadeusz @Anna-Stina @suvi and others.

Please find the material presented at the event:
BSRBioeconomyBoosters_idea_proposal_InterregBSR_16062021.pdf (966.0 KB)

Also, please note updates to the proposal: @ola @kristaps.rocans @Inese @saila-inkeri.puukko


And the event recording:


@Halgrim : Do HINN Evenstad have any interest of this idea? You are welcome to describe your possible interest and position/role to me.

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Yes, we are, but we think it would be most suitable for everyone if we engage as a member of the Norwegian Wood Cluster. I will need some discussion with you Ola to investigate of there are any financial possibilities with such a sollution.

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