Now its here - The call is open for workshops at EUSBSR 2020 Annual Forum in Turku

Several of the @RDI2CluB partners expressed interest in this event - maybe we can plan something together?

11th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Turku, June 16-17, 2020

The 11th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region is organised in an exceptional time. The Action Plan of the Strategy will be updated, and the European Commission is coming forward with new initiatives such as the European Green Deal and many more. The Baltic Sea Region has a unique opportunity to be a forerunner, which is why the Annual Forum is looking Towards a Decade of Innovation and Sustainability.
The main purpose of the Forum is to gather stakeholders and to discuss how to best cooperate within the EUSBSR framework and how to tackle topical challenges on a macro-regional level. Many challenges in the Baltic Sea Region are common for several countries and have a cross-sectoral nature. The solutions to these challenges benefit from being addressed together by various countries and sectors. The Annual Forum 2020 will facilitate a stronger dialogue among stakeholders from different countries and sectors. The aim is to form innovative constellations to find common approaches, which will contribute to the three objectives of the Strategy; Save the Sea, Connect the Region, Increase Prosperity.


The call for workshops is now open. PP2 has promised to lead the preparation of an application, but we need your help. @RDI2CluB Please share your ideas for the workshop content and theme here.

Here are the instructions of the EUSBSR:

To facilitate the development of truly cross-sectorial teams for each workshop we came up with a set of guidelines for the organisation of the workshops:

The format of the event is a 90 min workshop led by a facilitator(s). The task of the workshops is to discuss sustainable and innovative solutions to problem(s) that have been chosen or raise an interesting point that might have been overlooked. You are free to choose the most appropriate method to carry out the task.
All workshops should be cross-cutting. Workshops relevant for three or more Policy Areas or Horizontal Actions of the EUSBSR will be given a strong priority.
The organisation of the workshops should be inclusive and participation as diverse as possible. Gender balance should be taken into account and it is recommended to include inter alia representatives from the private sector, academic institutions, youth and NGOs in the workshop.
The outcome of the workshop should be as concrete as possible. The following day, the outcome will be discussed in the sub-plenaries and summarized in the closing plenary with a vision forward.