New project is launched in area of adult and lifelong learning, aiming to support smart specialization oriented SMEs (Joint Action 2.4)

Qualitative lifelong learning, closely linked to the economic environment, has become both a challenge and an objective in the most of EU Member States. In order to search for solutions, Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) and JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland) together with four other partners from Spain, Germany, Lithuania and Estonia have jointly developed lifelong learning and adult education related project application submitted to the Erasmus+ Programme and is aimed to support smart specialization oriented SMEs. The official start of the project is September 2019.

During two years period partners will put efforts into development innovative high-quality flexible adult learning pathways for smart specialization oriented SMEs. The approach taken includes testing and adoption of learning offers which will be tailored for and adapted to individual learning needs.

Adult education developers and providers and human resources development specialists in smart specialization oriented SMEs are the main target audiences, but participation of other interested stakeholders will be promoted and are expected. SMEs willing to be involved will be especially welcomed. More information about the project progress will follow. Interested stakeholders can contact Lelde Ābele, the project manager @Lelde.


JAMK University is a proud partner of PULSE project. We work in PULSE with an expert team from the Institute of Bioeconomy together with JAMK’s Teacher Education College that focuses on vocational education and education for professionals.

One might say that we already started co-working on the lifelong learning for smart specialisation theme! The themes of PULSE project were brought on stage at EUSBSR Annual Forum 2019 in June 2019. Vidzeme Planning Region and JAMK University of Applied Sciences organised a seminar from which you can read more about in

I was also inspired to write a blog about the event and the possibilities that Biobord can provide as a capacity building platform for SMEs with bioeconomy orientation. I hope the ideas also provide a framework for setting up the PULSE in action for Central Finland. We have already two regional capacity building cases ready to start piloting Biobord under the ‘Bioeconomy Campus’ category (sorry, in Finnish) - hopefully we can apply the lessons learned also to establish wider learning pathways for SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region via Biobord in the future.