Meet the Network and introduce yourself

One of the main goals of Biobord platform is to connect bioeconomy developers around Baltic Sea Region. We have a wide network and members from i.a. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

In order to connect people and their needs and expertise, we should know who are the people on the other side of the screen. This topic has been created for that.

Here we hope to see all of your intorductions and calls for expertise, partners or for example for support. This way our network memebers are able to find you :speech_balloon:

There is no right or wrong way to introduce your self - word is free!

Happy to meet you all! :handshake:


My name Suvi Bayr and I work as a project manager in Regional Council of Central Finland. I’m working in projects related to bioeconomy, and climate change. Here in Biobord I’m following all kind of bioeconomy topics - related to RDI2CluB -project or not. In addition, I’m facilitating with @ennihuotari the group of YMPYRÄKS -network.


I’m Susanna Lahnamäki, agriculture enthusiastic from Central Finland. Here in JAMK, I work as a project manager and team leader. I have a privilege to have around 10 experts from variety of fields of agriculture and rural businesses on my team. As my personal main focus is on farm management, decision making along with futures studies, any discussions of the farm business management are more than welcome.

On my team we have more broad approach to the agriculture. We cover topics as small rural business management, cattle farming, crop production, nutrient recycling and biogas. And while thinking about the future business environment, the new technologies related to the agriculture are on our scope and part of our RDI-actions. And if there is arising interest to the peer-to-peer learning support among farmers, we have worked with that theme over ten years.

If any of these topics did hit your interests, please send us a message :computer: :slightly_smiling_face:


My name is Øyvind Nordstrand and I work as an advisor at the Inland County Council in Norway at the Department of Business Development and International Cooperation. The Inland region is just north of the capital of Oslo and the region largest town is Hamar, 1 hour by train from Oslo Airport.

My work is “everything” concerning bioeconomy (forrest, agriculture, inland aquaculture etc.) in the county council and much of the work concerning the innovation system in the region. Earlier I have worked with startups in an incubator and been a project leader in a regional development agency.

My education is Master of Fishery Science and before that vocational school of aquaculture and I have a certificate of completed apprenticeship in aquaculture.

If you like more information don’t hesitate to contact with me.