"Learning experience of developing a global Bioeconomy platform with Service design methods" -article/blog post

Article for Biobord from Service designers perspective.pdf (109.4 KB)


I have written an article for Biobord platform with the name which is on this topics title. If you have any feedback on the article in general or suggestions for the main title, please comment down below. I don’t have many work days left so I would prefer quick comments. (Working till the end of month) :slight_smile:

The article is supposed to share my thoughts on our previously used service design methods and on what could have been done differently. Some points could be added to it if needed but I do wish to get some comments before publishing the article. :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind this going to be for an online publishment/blog post. It can be shared to other blogs or websites if needed.

Kind regards, Diana

Any comments from @RDI2CluB ?


I don’t know much about service design, @DianaP, but I liked the article :slight_smile:

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I can agree with Ingrid. Intersting to read and to learn from. Creating this platform for collaboration must have been challenging. Also because we as users have had to learn to collaborate in new ways - and though the competence in, experience with and also belief in e-tools are so mixed.

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Hi @DianaP
I like your article - and I think it’s valuable to evaluate via writing about the journey. Your perspectives on how people from different disciplines are working together is especially valuable. I think you are very kind and would have appreciated more critizism… ;). Alterantive title could be “Creating a multi-partner platform for bioeconomy - how to survive as a Service Designer” :wink:

I wish you the best of luck and a cool, sunny summer:)

Br. Halgrim