Launch Webinar of AlojasHackathon powered by BioBoosters

We invite you to apply for the Latvian pilot hackathon “Aloja Starkelsen” challenge call webinar!

As part of the Baltic Sea region project “BioBoosters”, Vidzeme Planning region in cooperation with "Aloja Starkelsen"Ltd. invites technology companies, IT product managers and planners, logistics, warehouse and production facilities service and planning specialists, student teams and researchers to participate in the informative webinar of hackathon challenge call, which will take place on October 12.

Join the introduction webinar and learn about the challenge to solve it and develop an efficient system for servicing equipment and maintaining a spare parts warehouse!

During the webinar, “Aloja Starkelsen” will introduce to the company and the challenge “Development of CMMS system improvements, more efficient equipment servicing and maintenance of spare parts warehouse”. The goal of the challenge is to streamline and ensure a sustainable production process, providing it with a planned and logical equipment service strategy or plan, at the same time creating a rational and easy-to-operate spare part, warehouse of production materials, thus saving natural, material and human resources, making the product competitive and greener.

As a result of the hackathon, the company wants to get a technical specification, or terms of reference, for a software developer to work together to create a working, easy-to-use system. The winning team of the hackathon will be entitled to sign a system supply contract with Aloja Starkelsen .

Webinar date: October 12, from: 13:00 - 15:00 (EEST / UTC+3)

Venue: Online, Zoom

Webinar registration link: Microsoft Forms

Hackathon dates: November 30 and December 1, 2023

Read more at: Vidzemes plānošanas reģions

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