Launch webinar for Voiste Hackathon - Mining the Green Gold from Greenhouse Biomass


Hi @Biobord_user,

Welcome to mining the green gold from greenhouse biomass!

In a greenhouse, plants grow by converting water, fertiliser and CO2 into biomass. For some crops, the final product includes the entire plant, but in case of tomatoes only part of the total produced biomass reaches the consumer. The roots, leaves, stems and non-standard fruits of a tomato plant are mostly regarded as organic waste.

At Võiste Hackathon we invite you to offer solutions how to extract more value from greenhouse products and residual flows whilst producing in a cleaner way. We are open to exploring new business opportunities and research collaborations.

The launch webinar is a great opportunity to get insight into what kind of green gold can be mined by extracting value from biomass. You will also learn more about the scope of the challenge and detailed schedule of the hackathon process. Practical tips about the applying process and participation in Võiste Hackathon will also be covered. :seedling::tomato:

:seedling: Welcome - Toomas Toodu/moderator, Pärnu County Development Centre;
:seedling: Presentation of the Challenge for Võiste Greenhouse - Mirko Metsaoru, Owner Võiste Greenhouse;
:seedling: The BioBoosters concept - Anna Aalto, Jyväskylä University of Applied Science;
:seedling: Extracting Value from Biomass - Reelika Rätsep (Phd), Scientific Researcher at Estonian University of Life Sciences;
:seedling: Q&A

Be part of our journey towards smart circular horticulture!

Please sign up for the webinar HERE: VÕISTE HACKATHON – Mining the Green Gold - Kobar - Pärnumaa innovatsioonikeskus