International relations of companies

Hello everyone,
I’m putting together a package of information for Finnish entrepreneurs related to the internationalization of the companies and I would like to get an international perspective for the subject.

What requirements do you set for international partners?
Where can you find international partners?
What are the key issues for building collaboration?
What channels should company use in marketing?

I would also like to hear other experiences of international partnerships from the perspective of entrepreneurs and collaboration

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@RDI2CluB @ConnectedByBiobord

From my experience I will say that nearly all answers depends on the context: Who i the customer abroad? Who are the competitors? Which are the market channels? Is it your neighbour country or are there major differences in culture etc? Etc.?

But one of your questions have one answer: The key issue for building collaboration is trust.


Thank you Ola for your answear.

You are quite right that these questions cannot be answered unequivocally unless the question is clarified. The bioeconomy is a concept that includes a wide variety of products and services. However, I received many good points from your answer, which I can mention when compiling the information package.

Trust is certainly the main thing, whatever the context is.

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