Innovation call - Microalgae producers or microalgae harvesting technology suppliers

One of our business partners is going to start a microalgae cultivation. According to the literature one of the most expensive element (up to 30% of the cultivation costs) is the microalgae harvesting. He is looking for microalgae producers or microalgae harvesting technology suppliers to assist him in selection the best (good harvesting quality and most cost effective) technology.
Dear @RDI2CluB collegues, please let us know if you possess the knowledge in this subject or if you know an expert in that field who might be interested.

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Dear Evelina,

I suggest you approach Mr. Sascha Hermus from the 3N Kompetenzzentrum in Germany - they have projects with this topic


you can also contact Mr. Gabriel Acien, Professor, University of Almeria, who gave a very impressive keynote on micro algae potential during the Bioeconomy conference in Helsinki this July:

Also, you can approach Dr Petri Suuronen who is Director of the Blue Bioeconomy programme at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). He also gave a very good presentation on the blue economy (including microalgae) in the same conference:

Good luck! I hope these contacts will help.


Dear Ewilina.
I have forwarded Your request to Paper Province in Karlstad.
They have worked With this subject at one of their demonstration plants.
I do hope they have some suggestions for you.



My Swedish contact says that these Conferences may be a good Place to start:
• 4-5 September 2019
• 29-30 April 2020
He will need more information to more precise with possible contacts.


Dear Kristaps,
Thank you so much for your support, it’s really helpful.

Dear Ole,
Thank you, we will give more details.

Thank you for responding the call and your commitments. We have transferred the contacts to our business partner.