Hubs On Stage - Tretorget and Inland Region's approaches to strengthen the bioeconomy

Dear @RDI2CluB team and all other users of Biobord, you are all welcome to next Hubs On Stage event 10 March 2020. This event is hosted by Tretorget AS, Norway, and will present both Tretorget and two of the Inland region’s initiatives on bioeconomy: Biovalley and Bioeconomy Region.

The Inland Region has vast agricultural and forest resources, active research and business clusters and thus, a great potential to create jobs and increased income. In order to develop these opportunities, the region and its different actors participate in several projects and initiatives, such as the Interreg projects RDI2CluB and Bioeconomy Region, and its own Biovalley. Tretorget is a sectoral agency providing innovation brokers and consultants to help SMEs reach their full potential. Bioeconomy Region is an Interreg project which started in 2017 and intends to stimulate new, wood-based innovations and strengthen SMEs related to forest bioeconomy in the areas on both sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border. Biovalley is just recently launched, with a long-term aim to facilitate the fulfilment of the estimated potential for 25.000 new jobs related to bioeconomy in the Inland Region.

On Stage:

  • Ola Rostad, CEO Tretorget AS
  • Espen G. Johnsen, project manager Biovalley
  • Monika Svanberg, Norwegian project manager Bioeconomy Region
  • Response and questions from the audience are most welcome

Host: Tretorget AS

Time: TUESDAY, 10 March 2020 at 2.00- 3.00 p.m. (CET), please arrive on time



Dear @RDI2CluB, please find yesterday’s Hubs on Stage recording here:

Thank you Tretorget, Biovalley and Bioeconomy Region for an excellent webinar! :slight_smile:

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