Hubs on Stage – INN Centre of Bioeconomy

@RDI2CluB Are you interested on new researchers in the team and their ideas on new technological solutions in wildlife management, forestry and freshwater ecology?

INN Centre of Bioeconomy welcomes You to the ‘Hubs on Stage’ event that features four new scientists and two ideas for international projects from the Inland University of Applied Sciences.

The researchers presented are specialists in the fields of Forest Economics, Wildlife Ecology, Business Management in Tourism, Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology.

The ideas presented will focus new technologies for natural resources management.

Join the ‘Hubs on Stage’ event to hear more and to provide your input to the questions for the audience. Feel welcome to invite any colleagues, relevant specialists or contacts that may find the topic interesting!

Host: INN Centre of Bioeconomy

Time: TUESDAY, December 10, 2019 at 3.00 pm FI/LV/EE time and 2.00 pm NO/PL time - please arrive on time

Venue: 3

On stage:

  • Professor Barbara Zimmermann - Specialist in Wildlife Ecology - Departement of Forestry and Wildlife Ecology
  • Associate Professor Arne Linløkken - Specialist in Freshwater ecology and biotechnology- Departement of Forestry and Wildlife Ecology
  • Associate Professor Hans Holmengen - Specialist in Business Management in Tourism - Department of Tourism, Creative Industries and Marketing
  • Associate Professor Hanne Sjøli - Specialist in Forest Economics - Departement of Forestry and Wildlife Ecology

Presenting project ideas related to technologies for optimization of forest and game harvest, and remote sensing for surveillance of climate change variables in freshwater systems.

Our questions for the audience:

  • Are these researchers relevant for any of your coming projects?
  • Are there challenges in your home-range that needs to be addressed – and that can benefit from having such scientific resources on board?
  • Are the described ideas and issues relevant in your region?


14.00: Welcome to ‘Hubs on Stage’, Host Anna Aalto, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and co-host Halgrim Breie, INN Centre of Bioeconomy

14.05: Presentation:

  • Professor Barbara Zimmermann
  • Associate Professor Arne Linløkken
  • Associate Professor Hans Holmengen
  • Associate Professor Hanne Sjøli

14.25: Presentation: Barbara Zimmermann presenting ideas on using drones and other remote sensing for bio-economic optimization of forest and game harvest.

14.35: Presentation: Arne Linløkken presenting ideas on using satellite images for detecting climate change variables in lakes and rivers.

14.45: Questions for the Audience and open discussion .

14.55: Conclusions and closing the Stage

The event is recorded. The presentation materials are shared and the discussion and idea sharing can continue after the event under the topic. Event recording will be available 30 days after the event.

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Thank you for a very interesting ‘Hubs on Stage’ event. Feel free to share the presentation materials under this discussion topic.

Please find the recording (available for 60 days). :dvd::film_projector::film_strip:


I am so sorry that we completely blew the time frame. Thanks to all who listened and for all the good input. We continue to explore and connect our contacts in the forums here :slight_smile:


For those who will check out the recording, without looking at it all - here are the different chapters:

00:01:50-00:10:30: Presentation of the new team members; Hanne Sjølie, Arne Linløkken, Hans Holmengen, Barbara Zimmermann.
00:12:30-00:33:30: Barabara Zimmermann presenting ideas related to using drones for optimization of forest and game harvest.
00:37:15-00:49:00: Arne Linløkken presenting ideas related to developing more cost-effective methods for environmental monitoring of freshwater systems.
00:50:45-00:56:00: Hanne Sjølie presenting ideas related to Forestry in small properties and marginal areas.
00:56:00-00:58:15: Hanne Sjølie presenting ideas related to water protection during forest operations.
00:58:15-01:18:50: Feedback and some discussion - to be continued in Biobord Forum