Hubs on Stage – Bioeconomy Knowledge and Development Centre

Purpose of the meeting:

All @RDI2CluB Partners if you want to check our progress within biohub, please feel invited!

During another ‘Hubs on Stage’ event we will present two main issue, first the Centre assets (investment plots, conference centre, R&D equipment of biobank) which may provide suitable services for enterprises, and secondly, our new Partner – Waste Management and Recycling Cluster ->

Place and date:

Host: PP7 Regional Science and Technology Centre

Time: TUESDAY, January 14, 2019 at 3.00 pm FI/LV/EE time and 2.00 pm NO/PL time - please arrive on time



14.00 Welcome to ‘Hubs on Stage’

Hosts: Cezary Cichy - PP7, Grzegorz Solarz – Vice-president of Board.

Technical support: Anna Aalto, JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

14.05 Biohub presentation.

14.20 Presentation of the Centre Partner – Waste Management and Recycling Cluster.

14.35 Questions for the Audience and open discussion.

14.45 Conclusions and closing the Stage.

The event is recorded. The presentation materials are shared and the discussion and idea sharing can continue after the event under the topic. Event recording will be available 30 days after the event.

Agenda -> HUBS_ON_STAGE_14_01_2020_AGENDA_VER_2.doc (112 KB)

Some introduction of our new Partner

Waste Management and Recycling Cluster is one of the biggest Polish Non-Govermental Organisation that main target is sustainable development of recycling and waste management. Waste Management and Recycling Cluster stimulates cluster business partners through the presentation product offer under the brand of Cluster.

Cluster main scope is to deliver basic information and encourage SME’s, public organisations and scientific institutions towards : closed-circuit Economy/Zero Waste principles of the EC Communication on the economy of the closed-circuit. Help designing segregation, or change social attitudes at local level, implement of the processes of social change in attitudes towards zero waste policy and to promote segregation at source, recycling and new technologies in waste management.

Waste Management and Recycling cluster is a modern and well established organisation focusing on supporting its members but also spreading knowledge regarding waste management, recycling, CSR, EU Regulations on wastes, critical raw materials and many others, reaching SME’s, public bodies and those interested in projects like RCC and Recycling Academy with lobbing activities.

Thank you for the ‘Hubs on Stage’ program and participation today. I hope you enjoyed it despite the connection problems. Feel free to continue the discussion here in Biobord.

Please find the recording, available for 60 days. :dvd::movie_camera:

Presentations from the event:

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