Hubs On Stage - Bioeconomy Campus 17.9.2019

Hubs on Stage – Bioeconomy Campus

@RDI2CluB Are you interested on awareness raising in bioeconomy, especially how to communicate about new wood based products? How about enhancing Youth’s role in EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region to support implementation of sustainable development goals and circular bioeconomy?

Bioeconomy Campus welcomes You to the first ‘Hubs on Stage’ event that features two international projects of the Institute of Bioeconomy, JAMK University of Applied Sciences. H2020 project BLOOM has been implemented since 2017, while BeUBio is just starting. Both of the projects are also potential user cases for Biobord platform and could strengthen our Biobord network.

Join the ‘Hubs on Stage’ event to hear more and to provide your input to the questions for the audience. Feel welcome to invite any colleagues or contacts that may find the topic interesting!

Host: Bioeconomy Campus

Time: TUESDAY, September 17, 2019 at 3.00- 4.00 pm (UTC+3), please arrive on time


On stage: H2020 project BLOOM and BSR Youth for SDGs and Circular Bioeconomy (BeUBio)

Our questions for the audience:

  • What co-operation potential do you see with Biobord network, Nordic Hub of Bloom and the BSR Youth for SDGs and Circular Bioeconomy (BeUBio) project?

  • What could be the long-term aim or vision for this co-operation?

  • What should be the next steps to get started?


15.00 Welcome to ‘Hubs on Stage’, Host Anna Aalto, JAMK University of Applied Sciences

15.05 Presentation: BLOOM Nordic Hub concept and future plans; Kirsi Knuuttila, JAMK University of Applied Sciences

The aim of the Nordic Hub is to raise public awareness about the possibilities with forest products; Showcase new innovative materials and products; Increase interest for bioeconomy studies/education.

15.20 Questions and Answers

15.30 Introduction to coming project: BSR Youth for SDGs and Circular Bioeconomy (BeUBio) , Mari Hakkarainen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences @marih

15.40 Questions for the Audience and Open Discussion

15.55 Conclusions and closing the Stage

The event is recorded. The presentation materials are shared and the discussion and idea sharing can continue after the event under the topic. Event recording will be available 30 days after the event.

Thank you for the participants and presenters @kirsi.knuuttila and @marih !

We had a fruitful discussion and some interesting leads came up on the co-operation potential. I hope the discussion will continue under this topic.

Please find the ‘Hubs on Stage’ event materials attached here along with the recording.

Recording available for 30 days (until October 16)

A guidebook for co-creation and (bioeconomy) outreach activities developed in H2020 project BLOOM

The bioeconomy school box for teachers developed in H2020 project BLOOM

170916_Bloom_Nordichub_RDI2Club.pdf (2.0 MB) Presentation of H2020 BLOOM project (Kirsi Knuuttila)
2018.11_FIN_Co-creation_workshop_results.pdf (951.9 KB) results of co-creation workshop on bioeconomy communication in Finland
BE_Questionnaire_YoungPeople_ENG version_Final.pdf (172.3 KB) Survey to Youth on perceptions on new forest based products

BeUBio 17092019.pdf (362.4 KB) Presentation on BeUBio project (Mari Hakkarainen)