How to register and manage my account?

:spiral_notepad: Biobord User Guide 1: Registration and Account Management
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:movie_camera: Video tutorial on Registration and Account Management

Please find the main information summarized below.

Why should you Register?

Register and get involved in the activities! Open content is visible for you without registration. However, registration is needed to join the networking, matchmaking and knowledge sharing. As a registered user, you are able to join the discussion and start your own topics at the Biobord Forum’s open areas.

Our ‘Open Biobord Forum’ is a discussion area for connecting the whole user community. In the ‘Open Biobord Forum’, our registered users can

  • Share knowledge and learn from each other

  • Network to build partnerships and to connect with experts

  • Find support for developing their ideas

In addition, our forum entails regional discussion areas that you may find interesting.

As a registered user, the matchmaking and support services offered by the international Biobord Staff and the administrators are at your use. Read more about the available support at Welcome to Biobord.

As a registered user, you are able to manage your user information and user account. Along with the instructions on registration, this guide will give you more information about the management of your personal data and the terms of service of the Biobord Platform.

How to Register?

Please follow these steps to register.

1. Go to Login. You can find the ‘Login’ button on the head banner of the Biobord platform in the right corner. In the Forum page, there is also a ‘Sign-up’ button in the upper right corner of the page.

Both options lead to the same ‘Log In’ view.

FIGURE: ‘Log In’ -view

2. Select the registration option. For registration to Biobord, please go via ‘New user? Register’ in the bottom of the ‘Log In’ view.

USER TIP! To use your existing social media accounts for login, you can connect your Google and LinkedIn accounts to an existing Biobord account via Keycloak user account management system. Check the instructions from ‘How to Manage My Account?’ section.

3. Fill in your information to the registration form. If you use our registration system, you will be asked to fill in your name, email, username and password.

USER TIP! Please note that the username will be the name of your profile in the Biobord platform. It is therefore often advisable to use your own name or an recognizable name, and to keep the username quite simple. For example, please avoid number series as username.

4. Respond to the confirmation email to confirm your account. When conducting the registration via the Biobord’s own system, you will receive a confirmation message to your email. After responding to the confirmation email, and you can log in with the username and password that you created in the registration.

If the message is not arriving within 15 minutes, please check the trash folder in your email. You have 4 hours to respond to the confirmation email, or your account will be locked. If this happens, kindly contact the Biobord administrator (contacts at Welcome to Biobord). We will activate your account.

5. Login and enter the Forum to activate your account. You are now ready to start using the Biobord Forum.


Here are the most occurred issues and solutions for registering.

:fire: PROBLEM: ‘I have not received a verification email for my Biobord account, what to do?’

:fire_extinguisher: SOLUTION: Please check the trash folder in your email.

:fire: PROBLEM: ‘I received verification email to my trash folder, but it does not include a verification link?’

:fire_extinguisher: SOLUTION: The link might appear when you move the message from the ‘trash’ to ‘arrived’ folder. If not, please check the security settings of your email, it might remove all links from emails that are potentially dangerous (ours is not). After changing the settings, please request a new verification email by choosing ‘I forgot my password’ from the ‘Log In’ view.

:fire: PROBLEM: I try to login, and it says that an account with my email already exists.

:fire_engine: SOLUTION: The account was not activated successfully. Kindly contact the Biobord administrator (contacts at Welcome to Biobord). We will activate your account.

For more information, kindly view the tutorial video or read the guide. If your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to ask more information from our Administrator (contacts at Welcome to Biobord).

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