Hackathon call! Ideas for more sustainable down textile production?

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The goal of the JoutsenHackathon is to find new ideas, commercial partnerships, and new methods of utilization for the side streams and waste materials formed in down textile production in Joutsen Finland Oy’s factories in Estonia and in Finland.

Read more and submit your application by Monday September 18th, 2023: JoutsenHackathon | Jamk

The JoutsenHackathon is organized by Bioeconomy Business Accelerator BioPaavo by JAMK as part of the MYRSKY [STORM] project (Businesses’ Resilience, Green Transition, and Digitalization in Western Finland, STORM – Businesses’ Resilience, Green Transition, and Digitalization in Western Finland | Jamk).

The side streams generated in the production of Joutsen Finland Oy’s down textile products (e.g., down jackets, down blankets) are divided into cutting waste (polyamide, polyester), dust and the fraction formed by feathers and impurities. In production, a lot of attention is paid to making sure that as much of the material as possible is utilized and that the generation of waste is kept to a minimum. Despite that, a total of approx. 5 t/y of cutting waste, 4 t/y of feathers and impurities, and approx. 1.5–2 t/y of dust are generated as unutilized side stream. Feather and impurities fraction as well as dust are very light, so the volume of generated waste is large. Currently, in the absence of other utilization methods, the material goes to energy waste and incineration.

The goal of the Hackathon is to find one or more partners who would be able to regularly receive materials generated as a side stream of textile production. Possible uses of the materials could be, for example, utilization in insulation, bedding, as filling material or, for example, in fishing equipment. So, there are many possibilities even outside the textile industry, and the solution to utilizing the material may be found in a completely different industry!

Why participate?

  • You can find new business opportunities! You have the opportunity to build long-term business cooperation, get to pilot your solution and, if needed, to do product development cooperation with the sponsoring company.

  • You get to “acid test” your idea and receive instant feedback from a potential customer.

  • As a finalist, you will have access to the experts’ know-how and professional mentoring free-of-charge.

  • Get to network with other participants and experts.

Hackathon is open to all interested parties: companies, research institutes, educational organizations, and students, as well as other actors. Your team can be made up of representatives of your organization, or you can form a team that crosses organizational boundaries for this very challenge! Participation in the hackathon is free of charge. Language for the Hackathon process is either English or Finnish.

Welcome to solve the challenge!

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Hanna Lampinen-Vilkkilä, MSc

Project Specialist

JAMK Institute of Bioeconomy

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