Facilitating closed group called “Pohjoinen Pooli”

Dear all @RDI2CluB memebers,

I am sharing this story as an example of how I have managed to activate users in a group I am facilitating. :blush:

In northern part of Central Finland we have an informal group of people from different cities and organizations working in different tasks and projects relating to business development and area development. We have face-to-face meetings twice a year, every spring and autumn. The purpose of those meetings is to share information and to improve cooperation between people working in projects and development agencies. In a meeting last autumn I suggested that the group should start to use the Biobord platform as a tool to share information between meetings, to plan joint events and to have a place for document management (like meeting memos).

Now we do have a closed group in Biobord and the piloting is on. I have invited people to join in and managed to get there more than 20 people up to this point. It takes a lot of time and effort to activate the users but I believe that it is all worth it. I really want to show them how much the joint group will help us to cooperate in our area.

So what I have done as a facilitator? First of all I have created some topics and used tags to activate the users. With (and without) my assitance some group members have created new topics and for example shared information about the events they are going to arrange in our area. In addition I have created a topic where under all members can present themselves. And of course as an example I did it myself as well. It is already obvious, that this will activate the users because they can see who are involved in the group and it will make the group more alive. The next “Pohjoinen Pooli” meeting will be in a month and I am going to collect feedback there. I really believe that at least some of group members have noticed the potential of the joint group. :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @tiina! Great work and a very good example :slight_smile:

Thank you @tiina for sharing this example. Do you have some marketing material you used when introducing this platform? This is also a question for @riikkakumpulainen , do we have some marketing material about Biobord?

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Dear @suvi, unfortunately we are still waiting our Biobord brochure. But we have an excellent Biobord presentation in our DMS. Maybe that is something you can use ?

Dear @suvi, I haven´t used any specific marketing material. Just many emails and phone calls in this case and of course the speach in a meeting, where I suggested the piloting for this group.

@riikkakumpulainen, where to find this presentation, I could also take a look!

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It is in our document management system = Resources.

It can be found from: recently added or by searching with Biobord -tag or by going id RDI2CluB -cabinet. :slight_smile:

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