EU Grant opportunities for SMEs operating in Bioeconomy sector

The European Commission co-funded project Ready2Net has announced the call for Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This call for applicants aims at selecting a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 80 healthy and dynamic SMEs willing to cooperate with each other in the form of a Network for Export , able to compete in foreign markets, with a clear growth-potential, and a designed and potential commercial project to implement together.

Ready2Net Project aims at creating max 10 Networks for Export , based on the following specific sectors and sub-sectors: textile, textile machinery, advanced manufacturing, food, interior design and Bioeconomy (Intelligent green packaging; value from waste products).

A grant of maximum € 25.000,00 will be provided for each Network for export, based on the reimbursement of actual eligible costs incurred when implementing the supported activities. This grant is co-funded by the European Commission and InnovhubSSI funds, in the following respective proportion: 90% EC funds, 10% InnovhubSSI funds.

For the purpose of the first formal evaluation and internationalization readiness check the applicant shall complete the online form available at: no later than October 15th 2019, h 17:00 Brussels time.

For more information, please refer to - .


Thank you so much for sharing @inese :slight_smile: This should be relevant for several companies within our regions.

@oyvind - could you please spread the word in your network - I’m thinking specially of Klosser, Biosmia and Næringshager. This is a nice opportunity for getting them on board Biobord. Be aware of the timeline :slight_smile:

Thank you @Halgrim - I shall do so!

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I guess you have some SME’s in your network that could be interested in this call @ola ?

I will look into this.
Thank you for remembering us.
But I do not think we have too many Companies qualified/interested in this.