Education Online provided by Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre

Most of us have recently experienced what it means to have pretty bored children at home, while they should be studying at school… In order to help the youngest students (and their parents) survive this unexpected break from school, Leonardo da Vinci Centre that is operating under Regional Science and Technology Centre, has prepared a serie of scientific videos, where biologists and chemists explain difficult matters in creative and simple ways :slight_smile: Videos are in Polish but we have Polish and English subtitles, so we would like to invite everyone to take a look at them and use for helping the youngest ones discovering their passion for science! You can watch it together with children or watch it alone with subtitles and after that conduct some experiments ( like making a breathing lungs model) by yourself :wink:

Remember to check this channel from time to time as we are still realising new videos !

Have a good time while learning!

Such great videos, @monikamalanowicz! :star_struck:
In Norway, kids are back in school, but I’ll show my kids the videos in the afternoon. My nine year old son loves science and doing experiments, so this will be perfect for him!