Call for new OnStage webinars!

Dear @Biobord_network, I hope you are well!

Looking back to last season, we can see that we hosted great OnStage webinars. The feedback has been great from your side, as well as from external participants.

For this reason I am proposing that we would continue hosting these webinars, first of all to each other and for other interested parties. Would you agree?

If you have a new project starting, project results to be presented, interesting companies or for example research results - don’t hesitate to publish an invite to Onstage-webinar right away!
I am sure all of us are interested to hear what is happening in your region :slight_smile:

If you publish the invite 1 week before, I have time to disseminate the invite in the Biobord channels.

Looking forward to meet you in the upcoming webinars!