Call for expert on the topic “Green Chemistry Trends in Household and Personal Care Products”

The Latvia-based company “Field and Forest” is looking for an expert who could deliver an online lecture on the topic “Green Chemistry Trends in Household and Personal Care Product”.

The lecture should address the following questions :

  • What developments are occurring in green and bio-based surfactants?

  • What bio-based ingredients are making their way into formulations of personal care and home care & cleaning products?

  • What are the current issues and trends concerning product certification and labelling?

  • What are the key sustainability developments?

The expert should possess :

  • professional strategic opinion, if possible, insider information on markets, trends and regulations in progress;

  • a very good command of English.

Other conditions :

  • The lecture shall be 90-min long, including a questions and answers session.

  • The lecture shall be delivered on the Zoom platform during November - December 2019. The concrete date can be negotiated.

  • The payment terms shall be discussed individually.

Dear @RDI2Club friends, if you know any expert and you are willing to share this information, or you are an expert yourself, please get in contact with Inese Suija – Markova, e-mail:, tel. +371 26425688, skype: inese.suija, linked-in:

About the company

SIA “Field and Forest” is a certified organic agriculture company in Latvia operating since 2005. It cultivates, harvests and processes organic crops, medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). The company is one of the largest organic chamomile growers and producers in Eastern Europe. Over 90% of production is exported to the EU market for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic use. Organic farming reaches 338 hectares of agriculture land and 644 hectares of forest land with additional Forest Stewardship Council certification. Besides day-to-day activities, the company is involved in various national and international research and development projects focusing on smart farming including the use of new technologies and cultivation methods. The team of SIA “Field and Forest” is also one of the pioneers in using environmentally friendly forest management approach in Latvia.


Hi. I have forwarded Your request to NIBIO and Paper Province. I have got feedback from NIBIO and a researcher there will establish contact With you. Please let me know if you come to an agreement.


Hi Ola, thank you for sharing this call. I have been connected by a researcher from NIBIO. It seems like a very good match. I will let you know about the outcome.


Hi! In case you are in a need for expert who is studying antimicrobial possibilites of wood based substances, and fossil plastics replacement by wood based in hospital environment, we have a cadidate for you.


Hi @hannu ! Thank you for your reply. I’ll discuss this with my colleagues and let you know!

Dear @hannu! Thank you for responding to this call, but the profile of your proposed expert does not fit the interests of the company.

Here is an interesting opportunity to meet other stakeholders: Hopefully also interested in “Household and Personal Care Products”. If not - you can make them interested :slight_smile: