Call for a speaker in a biogas webinar!

Dear @ConnectedByBiobord network,

Do you know someone who has a biogas plant in a farm and would share her/his success story in a webinar? BioPaavo Bioeconomy Business Accelerator is organizing a biogas webinar November 11th. Now we are looking for an expert from BSR to present some good practices to boost the production and the use of biogas in Central Finland! About 15-20 minutes presentation between 1pm and 4pm (UTC+02:00) would be great!

If you have any questions or tips, please comment under this topic or send me an email:


Dear @tiina,
I’ve asked around, and unfortunately there does not seem to be any farms that have a biogas plant in the region. However, there is a vocational school of agriculture having a biogas plant. Is that of interest for you?

Thank you @ingrid for your effort on this! In this case we are looking for more business view, how to make biogas production profitable.

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