Business model innovations in green tourism

Dear @RDI2CluB and associated networks in green tourism
Business model innovations are the most profitable way to innovate (Lindgart, Z., Reeves, M., Stalk, G., & Deimler, MS 2009). According to changes in nature conditions the need for innovating the business model is essential. In the project INGO (Innovations and green restructuring in the forest) we have mapped business models in various tourism industries. Based on the knowledge of this project, we invite to a collaboration within Biobord. The idea is, first and foremost, to map the scope of nature-based tourism companies in defined regions within Biobord. What is the product, who are the customers and to what extent is the product nature-based? In addition, we should chart the economic results. The second part of the proposal is to conduct a survey among the companies. We want to reveal what types of business models and to what extent these must be changed as a consequence of changes in nature.

Related article: Holmengen & Kleiven 2020 english final.pdf (485.4 KB)

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This sounds very interesting! I will see if we have in JAMK a suitable contact person for this :slight_smile:
Thank you for the proposal.

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Interesting. Valuable platform for further cooperation.